So, other than the cool name, why should you buy from Cabin Fever Confections? It might cost a bit more than your average cookie, but you will NEVER find margarine on the shopping list! In fact, Marty pays a bit more for quality, ethical ingredients. It is worth it to her, knowing that her pocket won’t grow fat off the savings of using corporate farm products. And, the taste of these ingredients shines through. So, shell out that extra dollar for a cookie that will knock your socks off AND be better for you than most processed sweets. Indulge with a clear conscience!

So, what’s Marty’s story? Why does she stick by her ethical guns? Let’s just say she is a practical idealist with mad integrity. There are so many factors to how she approaches her baking. Having researched and practiced holistic nutrition and medicine since her young days as a punk living in Dayton, Ohio; she understands that being a good steward of your planet, your body, and the community you are part of, always pays off. Over twenty years later, some would say she hasn’t really changed. If anything, she just got better with age!

Having established that an ethical cookie just tastes better; what, then, makes it gourmet? It is easy to assume that all cookies are the same; but, in the right hands, it can become a fine dining experience. Attention to detail is Marty’s signature style. If there is something diced up in there, you can guarantee that they will be finely, and uniformly diced. Texture is as much a part of the experience as visual appeal and taste. With a baker’s instinct, that cookie is going to come out at EXACTLY the right time (hopefully) That sweet spot: where it is just done, but not TOO done. If you cut corners in the whole process, the quality will reflect.

Baking is a precise bit of chemistry, and it can be disastrous at times! That is why being determined, yet adaptable, is important in baking. If screwing up a batch of caramels, or burning a cake, forever ruin the experience for you; well, then it is best to leave it to those who will always try again to get it right! For Marty, a failure is a challenge, and, sometimes mistakes can become something better. In true nerd fashion, Marty is always pushing herself. There will always be new treats on the horizon–things you won’t find in most bakeries.  Whether you agree with her politics and ethical standards, or not; you can’t deny she bakes a DAMN GOOD COOKIE!

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