Dietary Diversity, Unique Flavor Combinations, Textural Complexity, Aesthetic Overload.

How does a creative arts and writing major express herself through food? With pure flavors and unique, quality ingredients; combined to make tasty, aesthetically-pleasing treats that speak to the heart and the soul, as well as the belly. That’s how! And, whether you’re vegan and gluten-free, or you really want bacon in your cookies, Marty covers it all. No matter what your preference, expect to become addicted.



Get Your Protein with Your Dessert (kid-tested, mother-approved)

Who doesn’t like salty and sweet? Try out some Alaskan-cured Bacon in your Bacon Crack (bacon almond toffee) or your Brown Butter Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie. Marty sought out and found an Alaskan meat-processing business that produced a high-quality bacon out of humanely-treated livestock. (Delta Meats The bacon ends are diced, then slow-roasted into perfectly rendered bits of greasy goodness, then mixed in either a buttery toffee with sliced almonds, then smothered in Ghirardelli semisweet chocolate; or baked into an insanely delicious brown butter chocolate chip cookie with Ghirardelli milk and dark chocolates. Just the smell alone is addictive. Good luck resisting the temptation.


Vegans and GF’ers Get Their Own Damn Cookies and Caramels

That’s right! Vegan and Gluten-free folks get the special treatment here! It might still be sugary and full of calories, but these treats are legit. We see those “dietary normals” drooling over them, too. That’s alright.

Vegans get their their own spin on a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, in the gf Tahini Chocolate Chip with Crystalized Ginger. These are intense and nutrient-dense taste bombs! With blackstrap molasses, organic tahini, coconut and palm oils, vegan-allergen free mini chocolate chips, and finely diced candied ginger; who says you can’t have a cookie for breakfast? Want candy instead? Try a Coconut or a Cashew Cream Caramel. Hell, try one even if you AREN’T vegan. They’re all gluten free.

Last year, Marty created a gluten-free oatmeal cookie with dried banana chips and melted toffee on top. Yep. It’s crazy enough to be called the Hot-Buttered Banana Breakfast Cookie. It was hot as hell in the kitchen that day. Don’t ask, just eat.

This summer, she added an insanely addictive gluten-free Almond Shortbread Cookie. Made with fine almond meal, gluten-free flour, quality butter, and topped with a candied almond and dark chocolate swirl; it might be impossible not to eat them all. Sorry.

“I Never Met a Recipe I Could Leave Alone”

How many ways can one whip up a batch of caramels? Ask Marty. Whether it’s a new vegan caramel that doesn’t taste like coconut oil, a cocoa and curry caramel that is impossible to describe or, if it is triple-reduced blueberry juice based with just a smidge of coriander, the kitchen at Cabin Fever Confections is bubbling away with mad flavor alchemy. Check out the rotating flavor selections of Marty’s caramels.


Operation Ice Cream Drink Cookie; A Three-part Process

Have you ever tried a chocolate ice cream and Dr. Pepper float? If not, then you should! A wise man, the owner of a Chinese restaurant in Dayton, Ohio (where Marty grew up) introduced her to this phenomenal summer treat. And, she obsessed on recreating the 23 flavors of Dr. Pepper, using all natural ingredients, into the form of a cookie. With a combination of half a dozen natural extracts, a simple syrup infused with sarsaparilla, juniper berries, and birch bark (to name a few), and some diced cried cherries and apricots; this cookie is already delicious and like no other cookie you have tasted. But, don’t forget about the chocolate ice cream aspect; you get that with a pretty little pool of syrup-infused milk chocolate ganache in the center. This cookie will make your Bucket List!